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Authentic Products

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Verified Certificate

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Lab Tested & Certified

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Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality

General Consultation

Get tailored gemstone recommendations based on your astrological chart for balance and well-being.

Personal Life Advice

Find gemstone guidance for relationships, health, and emotional wellness to enhance your personal journey.

Annual Forecast

Discover gemstones to navigate the upcoming year's challenges and opportunities with confidence in your life.

Work, Career, Finance

Unlock success in work and finances with gemstone recommendations for productivity and abundance.

Forecast of Future Events

Prepare for life's transitions with gemstone suggestions tailored to upcoming milestones and challenges.

Current Life Situation

Find support and stability in turbulent times with gems recommendations aligned with present circumstances.

Our Customer Says

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Got my beautiful Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) ring here. They sell Real gems at reasonable prices. I highly recommend Koustubh Gems!
Dr. Anshul Bhatia
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I bought a Ruby (Manik) stone from Koustubh Gems. Real gems, excellent quality, and good customer service. Koustubh Gems never disappoints.
Dharmveer Singh
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I purchased a Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia) stone from Koustubh Gems. The stone looks very real without any mixture. So, Koustubh Gems is my go-to, you must buy it.
Neeraj Shahu
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If you are looking for the original Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone, then Koustubh Gems is your perfect spot to buy the real gem at affordable prices. Highly satisfied with the services.
Sachin Kumar
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My Coral (Munga) ring is just like Waaooh! They offer the best recommendations as per the birth and zodiac signs. Koustubh Gems is the best for gemstone jewelry.
Sudha Swami
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Extremely happy with my Pearl (Moti) stone that I buy from Koustubh Gems. I have not found any type of mix in their stones. Koustubh Gems is the best choice to buy any type of stone at very reasonable prices.

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Explore our personalised guidance to discover the ideal gemstone tailored to your unique energies and needs.

Understand our commitment to providing accurate and reliable gemstone recommendations backed by expertise and authenticity.

Find insights into selecting a gemstone that aligns with your energies to address specific concerns in your marital life.

Discover gemstone recommendations that can potentially enhance your professional growth and success.

Get personalized advice on gemstones that may positively influence your financial well-being, offering potential solutions to wealth-related challenges.

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