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Our Customer Says

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Got my beautiful Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) ring here. They sell Real gems at reasonable prices. I highly recommend Koustubh Gems!
Dr. Anshul Bhatia
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I bought a Ruby (Manik) stone from Koustubh Gems. Real gems, excellent quality, and good customer service. Koustubh Gems never disappoints.
Dharmveer Singh
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I purchased a Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia) stone from Koustubh Gems. The stone looks very real without any mixture. So, Koustubh Gems is my go-to, you must buy it.
Neeraj Shahu
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If you are looking for the original Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone, then Koustubh Gems is your perfect spot to buy the real gem at affordable prices. Highly satisfied with the services.
Sachin Kumar
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My Coral (Munga) ring is just like Waaooh! They offer the best recommendations as per the birth and zodiac signs. Koustubh Gems is the best for gemstone jewelry.
Sudha Swami
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Extremely happy with my Pearl (Moti) stone that I buy from Koustubh Gems. I have not found any type of mix in their stones. Koustubh Gems is the best choice to buy any type of stone at very reasonable prices.

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